Saturday, August 19, 2017

Grace Drake

GRACE_BANNERPioneer Lady Tournament Archer and Administrator

Considered to be Australia's first lady of tournament, Grace Drake (nee Pantiln) was born in 1907 in Sydney. She married Lawrence Drake in 1931 and 8 years later with two young sons, Barrie and Darryl, moved to Perth, Western Australia.

They joined the Perth Archery Club in 1940, by 1946 she became second to State and National Champion, Mrs. Eileen Preston. Both Laurie and Grace were involved in the first Mail tournament and the formation of the Archery Association of Australia.

Grace became the first ladies champion of the inaugural Australina National Championships in 1948, winning target, clout and flight. Daughter Donnella born. The family moved back to Sydney in 1947, saw her represent NSW in the Nationals at least 26 times and winning 18 National Titles. She won her last national title in 1971 but continued to compete up to the early 1990's. Grace was Treasurer for Sydney Bowmen for 35 years, secretary for 15 years. Grace Drake was awarded Life Membership to Sydney Bowmen, Archery NSW and to the Archery Association of Australia on her 25th entry into the Nationals in Perth.

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