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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 13:19


Convalescent  Homes were established by the Red Cross  Society during the World War11 and we have come across some photographs of soldiers trying their skill at Archery. These are from the Rockingham Convalescent  home in Melbourne. Archery therapy was used extensively in convalescent establishments both in Australia and Overseas



Mr Rhys Williams  of Brisbane,  Queensland demonstrating to Australian Women's Army Services at his home in Brisbane.

087802rhysIn 1932 Rhys started making bows using Queensland timbers.    With Mr M.F Alpin he practiced shooting on Sunday mornings at Eucalyptus trees at exactly 100 yards apart.   There was no scoring.    Both men later imported some tackle (reflex long bows of partridge wood, horn tipped and backed with hickory, and Norway pine arrows)   from Mr. William Law, Bow maker, of the Royal co. of Archers -King's bodyguard for Scotland.

an010887The Royal Australian Army Services Corps ran an archery range at a fete held Nijimura , Japan which was very popular with the members of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF)(1946-1952)  Members of the BCOF and their families, stationed in Japan, had been organising game nights and numerous other functions to raise money for the NSW Flood Relief. The highlight of the functions was the fete at which 290 Pounds (Aust) was raised.  Total contributions

to hand total 1015 pounds (Aust).  Several late donations are expected as well as finds raised at a Military Debutantes Ball.

Soldiers in Korea June 1956   trying their hand at Archery


Photographs from the Australian War Memorial