Thursday, 20 Jul 2017
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There is some interesting archery jewellery out in the world, here are a number of pictures of various items that the museum staff have managed to get hold of. If you have any items of archery jewellery that you would like to share with us we will soon have a page that will allow you to upload your jewellery pictures, we can either give you credit for them or you can stay anonomous.


IMG_0314 mavikIMG_0316 mavikIMG_0318
Deer head Brooch Lovely Bow & Quiver brooch These are cuff links from the
7th Japanese Indoor
IMG_0371 IMG_0317 IMG_0323
Finger Tab Necklace Finger Tab Necklace Soul 1988 Tie Bar
IMG_0362 IMG_0365 IMG_0368
Yamaha Tie bar Quiver Small Lucky Charm braclet archers
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