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Bruce Dillion

bruce_dillion_smlBruce Dillon: Administrator, Coach and Judge

Bruce Dillon first became involved with the sport of archery in the late 1970’s. It was, in fact, Bruce’s passion for hunting that led him to archery in 1978. He thought that hunting with a bow might give him a greater advantage over using a gun.

He was referred to his local club, St George Archers, and was immediately hooked on target archery. Through his association with St George Archers, Bruce also participated in field, clout and target archery, as well as the occasional spot of bowhunting. During the 1980’s Bruce was also a member of the Australian Bowhunters Association for many years, and has also been involved with the NSW Wheelchair Sports’ Association since this time. Over the years Bruce has worked tirelessly to increase his knowledge and improve his skills in archery, participating in numerous training and educational programs with the main aim being to pass this experience on to others for their shooting benefit.

 Right from the start Bruce has been heavily involved in archery. He has held the position of president or secretary within the St George Archers since 1979 until the present. During this time the club has had to relocate to various sites and Bruce has been instrumental in the club’s continued existence during these times of change. Bruce continues to spend countless hours each week at St George Archers, making sure the equipment is up to date, formulating new techniques and equipment, and helping archers to optimise their equipment and shooting techniques. He is never too tired to welcome new members or visitors with untold enthusiasm and patience.

 Bruce has also been heavily involved with the Archery Society of NSW, serving as Vice President, State Coaching Administrator and State Coach at one time or another.  In 1987, Bruce was appointed the NSW Head coach for the state team attending the National Championships in Perth. He was also instrumental in instigating the High Performance Pathways Program in NSW along with Robert De Bondt.

 Bruce also became involved in the National Coaching programs accredited with Archery Australia, becoming an instructor in 1979, participating in the second ever instructor’s course presented by the Archery Society of NSW. This was followed by his senior instructor’s accreditation in 1981 and in 1982 Bruce was appointed as a NCAS Level II coach. Further study in the area of sport’s administration and management saw Bruce’s skills grow. He was appointed as a State Judge in 1986 and later National Judge in 1989.

 Over the years Bruce has found that he has had to give up active shooting in order to be able to devote his time to coaching and administration in archery. Bruce gained practical coaching experience by working with archers at all levels from beginners to experienced archers competing at national and international level. He was appointed as national head coach in 1999 in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport. He has worked closely with other state and national coaches such as Hans Wright, Ki Sik Lee, Keith Gaisford, Robert De Bondt. This has widened his practical and theoretical knowledge base enabling him to disseminate up-to-date skills to archers. Bruce has also had several appointments on Archery Australia committees dedicated to high performance and coaching development.

 Bruce was appointed as the Archery Australia High Performance co-ordinator in 2004 and regional coach in 2008. He has participated in many AIS training camps with the national coaching administrator and was involved in the establishment of the archery program there. He regularly participates in the training and education of new coaches through programs run through Archery Australia and the Archery Society of NSW.

 Bruce has participated in international coaching seminars for over 20 years. He was involved in Olympic Solidarity seminars in Adelaide (1990) and Canberra (1997) as well as FITA coaching seminars in Spain (2003) and Korea (2005, 2007). He has contributed teaching material to the FITA Level I and Level II FITA coaching manuals. He has also had input into the Archery Australia’s “Introduction to Archery” coaching manual, as well as the preparation of his own coaching notes that are used as reference material for his personal coaching sessions.

 Bruce’s skill as a coach is recognised far and wide. He has spent many years coaching archers of all ages and skill levels, with many of his students achieving success at both state and national level. He has also seen some of those he has worked with achieve success on the international stage at both junior and senior levels.

 Bruce puts his whole soul into everything that he does in archery. He finds it hard to say no to anyone, and while being passionate about the archery he has always been more concerned about the archer. He works tirelessly for archery, and can be seen regularly coaching at St George, judging at club, state and national tournaments, or teaching at various coaching seminars or expos. He is always trying to bring out the best in each archer that he works with and has a very special way of working with others.

 Bruce was awarded life membership of St George Archers in 1989 and the Archery Society of New South Wales in 2007. Archery Australia awarded Bruce a bronze plaquette for long and continuous service to the Archery Society of New South Wales in 2001, and in 2009 he received an award of merit from the Australian Archery Hall of Fame.

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